July 21, 2020 Colin Jacobsen

Introducing Arlene

eCommerce is growing rapidly and brands are seeking ways to better digitize offline brick and mortar experiences. 3D/AR technology allows consumers to preview and engage with photorealistic objects, creating moments that increase conversions by 2.5x and reduce product returns by 20%.

Due to 3D/AR’s nascency, there is a high barrier of entry for brands to test the waters and quickly validate whether this new format provides incremental value. Brands see value, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding 3D design talent and the relevant distribution channels.

We’re excited to introduce Arlene, a platform that democratizes 3D/AR by making it easy to run cross-channel immersive experiences at scale. Arlene goes beyond building and hosting 3D/AR experiences and provides turnkey tools that allow brands to easily generate 3D and AR-based experiences that can be programmatically extended across web, app, and social channels.

We’re fortunate to have great launch partners. Early campaigns include:

Check out more examples on our YouTube channel.

Example Arlene social filter created for @jordanluca_official on Instagram

In the pipeline, we’re building exciting new products allowing us to tap into an influencer, brand ambassador, and affiliate networking platforms. We’re preparing pilots involving brands in the pet, cosmetics, health, and travel verticals.

If you are interested in using our platform, please send us a message!

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