November 12, 2021 Colin Jacobsen

What is SLAM tracking? (An Arlene Extended Reality Glossary Post)

Ever wonder just how your mobile device can combine the digital and physical worlds in Augmented Reality apps?

Chances are, the AR app you are using is leveraging SLAM tracking.

SLAM is short for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping which instructs a device to map its surroundings and then identify itself accurately in real-time within the map. This enables the device to run digital applications that can virtually interact with the physical world. This is accomplished by using algorithms that simultaneously localize and map (SLAM) the objects.

SLAM algorithms use computational geometry and are often used in applications such as robot navigation and mapping for virtual reality or augmented reality. When virtual content reacts rightfully with real objects within the surroundings, Augmented Reality applications can best interact with the real world.

SLAM tracking attempts to map a device’s surroundings so that it can interact with the area

Arlene SLAM tracking Example

Check out the SLAM tracking used in the Arlene project: NYC Pride.

Click the image below to access this AR content.



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