Ever wonder how developers can enable 3D objects to appear in your real-world environment via Augmented Reality? For example, if you’re on a furniture store site that lets you see how a chair might look in your living room before you buy it. If you’re on an Apple device, the developer probably used AR Quick Look.

AR Quick Look is a feature of ARKit, Apple’s augmented reality development platform for iPhone and iPad. Although many people may not have heard of it, it’s an important step towards making augmented reality (AR) mainstream.

AR Quick Look enables 3D files of objects to be embedded in Apple’s suite of pre-installed apps such as Safari, Messages, Mail, News, and Notes. With AR Quick Look, you just need to tap on an AR object on your iPhone and you’ll be presented with an interface for placing a 3D object within a live view of your surroundings. These virtual objects can be moved around the room as if they were interacting with the room itself.

Arlene AR Quick Look Example

Check out the AR Quick Look used in the Arlene project: United Imaging

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